OMNIBLOCK ventilating and bird barrier combs

The comb that also wards off insects

Omniblock is the comb for gutter lines and valleys that features two staggered rows of perforated teeth.

  • It opposes great resistance against intruding birds and prevents insects from entering.
  • It allows a generous amount of air to enter and improves the ventilation thanks to the slotted holes formed by the teeth.
  • Made of polypropylene. UV-resistant. Withstands thermal shock.
  • Thanks to their flexible teeth, the combs can adapt to all types of concave or flat tiles.
  • Available with and without batten.





Omniblock: modular ventilating and bird barrier element for the gutter line of the roof. Made of brick red coloured polypropylene, with a double row of perforated teeth. Length 100 cm, height 7 or 11 cm. Can be adapted to all types of concave or plain tiles.