Aluminium safety rails

SAFETY RAILS: aluminium fall arrester systems.

Safety rails designed for installation on all types of roofing and for creating Collective Protection Systems. Collective Protection Systems against falling from heights are preferable to and anchor elements used with Personal protective Equipment.

Safety rails can be installed in a great number of configurations: fastened to flat surfaces or walls, or resting on the roof with the use of special counterweights.

The elements that form the system include extruded aluminium alloy profiles, die-cast aluminium alloy connecting elements, stainless steel supports, nuts and bolts. Use of these materials provides the product with excellent corrosion resistance. The elements can be promptly shipped since they are modular.

The safety rail line has been designed in compliance with standard UNI-EN14422-3 on permanent safety railings.

  • The safety rail must be able to support Fmin=300N/m minimum service load (to be multiplied by the distance in meters between the axes of two successive uprights applied horizontally to the top of the upright and in the least favourable points along the handrail.
  • Maximum sag during application of the load must not exceed 30 mm.
  • Minimum height: 1100 mm.
  • Maximum clear height between rafters: 500 mm.
  • Minimum height of foot retainer band: 100 mm.

Quotations tailored to customer requirements are supplied on request.