Universal under-ridge ventilation

TURBOAIRYFLY: a single element for ventilating all types of roof.

TURBOAIRYFLY is the advanced ridge ventilation element.

  • It is a universal module for concave and flat tiles of all shapes and sizes, for horizontal and sloping (diagonal) roofs. Simple and quick to install.
  • The air outlet section of over 400 cm2/m guarantees the maximum degree of ventilation.
  • It has adhesive “wings” made of pleated and painted aluminium that adhere perfectly to the roof, preventing water driven by the wind from infiltrating into the under-roof.
  • It consists of two separate parts (support and cover) that allow the height to be adjusted so as to adapt to different types of concave and flat tiles.
  • It makes cutting and positioning the roofing components easier, particularly on hipped roofs, since the cover is applied during a successive phase.

Supplied with 4 (four) Ø 4.8×80 mm self-perforating screws
with steel/rubber sealing washer
to fasten the cover to the support.

Double element with adjustable height
Diagram of air outlet in wooden roofs.
Diagram of air outlet in hollow-core concrete roofs.