Under-ridge ventilation

COLMOWINGS: universal under-ridge element, light and quick to install.

Colmowings is a ridge ventilation module.
It consists of a painted, galvanized and perforated sheet metal element to which special “wings” made of aluminium, pleated and painted with butyl adhesive so as to bond perfectly with the roofing, are fixed. This prevents water, blown by the wind, from infiltrating under the surface of the roof.

  • Universally suitable for concave and flat tiles of all shapes and sizes, for horizontal and sloping (diagonal) roof ridges.
  • Simple and quick to install.
  • Over 500 cm2/m air outlet section.
  • Guarantees the maximum degree of ventilation and maintains its functional characteristics over time.
  • Special bendable supports 23/38 cm in width, allow the elements to be adjusted as required so that they adapt to the different types of tiles and insulation.
  • 100 cm in length.

Supplied with 4 (four) Ø 5.5×13 mm self-threading screws per linear meter
for fastening Colmowings to the supports.

As many supports as there are linear meters of roof
ridge must be used to install the elements, with the addition of an initial support.

Diagram of air outlet in wooden roofs.
Diagram of air outlet in hollow-core concrete roofs.


Perforated sheet metal

Perforated sheet metal


Ventilation module for the horizontal or sloping (diagonal) ridge line in ventilated roofs (air outlet over 500 cm²/m) in galvanized sheet metal coated with RAL 8017 brown polyester powder paint for outdoor use. UV-resistant, length 100 cm. Formed by two elements (Colmowings and adjustable support) to allow for height adjustments. Colmowings has two pleated aluminium bands painted brick red, with butyl adhesive.