Breathable and reflecting underlay in multilayer polypropylene

Breaths and repels the infrared band

REFLEX consists of three polypropylene layers subjected to an ultrasonic bonding process and coated on top with a blend of non-heavy metals in total respect for the environment and the fixer's health. Applied on top of the insulation in wooden roofs, it allows the excess moisture to rapidly escape while maintaining the thermal performance of the insulation intact.

REFLEX is able to repel the infrared band that forms under the tile without impairing the "breathable" properties of the product, lowering the temperature from the inside towards the outside by about 2° and thus allowing a thinner layer of thermal insulation to be used.

Completely Made in Italy. Produced with ultrasound technology. Possesses high mechanical performance, non-slip properties and is fully recyclable.


Top layer: heavy non-woven polypropylene fabric with anti-UV and grip treatment. Abrasion and tread resistant. Absorbs mechanical stress (tensile, shearing stress). Metallized surface coating.

Reinforcement: waterproof polypropylene film that prevents watery vapour from spreading, with anti-UV treatment.

Bottom layer: light non-woven polypropylene fabric
With anti-UV and grip treatment. Withstands abrasion of wooden support. Contributes towards the mechanical strength of the entire product.


The three layers are spot welded together to ensure greater mechanical strength and breathability.


Hollow-core concrete

Hollow-core concrete roof with single under-tile microventilation chamber

Single ventilation chamber

Wooden roof with single under-tile microventilation chamber